Music is a major factor for setting the mood of any event. You can’t just hook up an iPod with “party jams” and expect your guests to go wild. For every type of an event, you need a DJ that can read the room and play suitable music. You can’t just hire any old DJ either. Here’s the difference between a professional DJ and a beginner.

Professional DJ

Professional DJs have been around the block a few times and know how to do business. Not to mention that they will often have enough reviews to back up their creditability.


As mentioned before, a professional DJ has experience reading their audience and playing appropriate music. They know when to play a party song, a slow song, and even silly songs. Additionally, a professional DJ is someone who does more than just play music at your event. They are the Master of Ceremonies and will help conduct the event by making announcements. This is why you don’t want to have a beginner DJ who is shy about talking in front of crowds. Not to mention that your professional DJ doesn’t plan on turning up for your event in jeans and a t-shirt. They will have professional attire or will ask about your preferred mode of dress.


Events are called events for a reason because they are special. This is why you need someone who will is reliable. You don’t want to be left the day of your event with a DJ who is a no-show. A professional DJ will more than likely keep in touch with you as the day of the event gets closer. You will never have to worry about if they are going to show up or not. Not to mention that a professional DJ will go to your event prepared for anything, like technical difficulties. They will come to your event on time and prepared.

Beginner DJ

We’re not saying you can’t find an awesome beginner DJ. Believe it or not, each of us here at Titus Touch Music have started out as a beginner at one point in our careers. We just want you to make sure you know all of the pros and cons before you make your decision about which is perfect for your wedding or other events!


Since most beginner DJs are just starting out, they more than likely have beginner equipment. What is more frustrating than a DJ setting up for your event with home speakers and equipment that barely works? You can’t expect that sort of equipment to be adequate for an event in a large hall. You’re going to end up with music you can barely hear and guests who don’t want to dance to it.


Who do you think is responsible if your DJs equipment is damaged? If your DJ doesn’t have liability insurance, like most beginner DJs, you may find that you are. You shouldn’t have to pay more than what you need to for your own event. Not to mention that if their equipment is damaged, would they even have backup equipment? It is best to think about all the worse possible scenarios when picking your DJ. You’re better off sticking to professional DJs so you have one less thing to worry about when planning for your event.