As one of 2017’s hottest wedding trends, uplighting has proven itself to be one of the best ways to enhance your wedding. Uplighting helps accent the architecture of your wedding’s venue or ballroom. It can create an unbelievable romantic atmosphere that cannot be achieved with any other type of lighting. The best feature of uplighting is that it can be customized to make your wedding day even more special! Below we have more reasons how custom uplighting can improve your wedding.

Creates a romantic atmosphere

As we mentioned before, uplighting creates a unique, romantic atmosphere that cannot be reached through other types of lighting. It provides a romantic dim light while also providing enough light to eat and dance. The ambient light is a great way to lighten up your wedding venue, or ballroom, with various colors. Your guest will be transported into your dream romantic wedding reception through the unique designs and colors of uplighting!

It is customizable

Uplighting can help make your wedding reception more personalized through patterns and colors. You can design how your uplighting will be displayed as well as what they display. So, it won’t be hard to design them in a way to match your wedding’s themes. You can even project your name along with your partner’s name through uplighting custom monograms. What better way to declare your love for your partner than through a large uplighting monogram of your names?  You deserve to be selfish on your wedding day and display your love through uplighting.

It can Adapt

Unlike other decorations at your wedding reception, your uplighting display can change throughout the reception. Uplighting will help bring your wedding venue, or ballroom, to life through its unique lighting and colors. There are even various settings that can help you transition from the stages of your evening. There is a setting for your uplighting for everything from the dinner portion to the dancing portion of your reception. Uplighting is one of the most flexible pieces of decoration you will ever have for a wedding reception. The unique lighting for each setting will help set the mood for the entire evening!

Help You Save on Money and Time

We all know how venues are pretty much blank slates for decorating, which can take up a lot of time and money. Putting up decorations can take up a lot of time that can be spent on other parts of your wedding preparations. Not to mention it feels like they go to waste right after the receptions. When you use uplighting for your wedding venue, or ballroom, you eliminate the need for elaborate decorations. Your guests will be so breathless when they see the unique lighting of your wedding reception that they will not pay as much attention to other decorations along the walls. Therefore, you save money and time by using uplighting as your main decorating piece. Not to mention that uplighting can easily be designed to match any wedding theme. Uplighting is the all in one wedding decoration that can go the distance for any wedding reception.