Why choose team Titus Touch Music for your event? Well, you’ve spent countless of hours picking the perfect dress, flowers, cake and the perfect pair of shoes! Why shouldn’t you also pick a DJ that cares just as much as you do? A professional wedding DJ will will dress appropriately, make sure that their equipment is clean-with no wires in site, and their DJ area is clutter free!

So basically, there are two types of wedding DJ’s in this world. The “Cheesy” wedding DJ that talks heavily on the microphone and creates crowd interaction by playing games, cracking jokes, and generally over using the mic. The second type of wedding DJ is a contemporary-styled DJ that is more reserved on the microphone, making announcements only when necessary, playing a seamless mix of classic and current hits, and tends to blend into the background of the wedding and not be the focal point.

You want the perfect day, and we want that too! Team Titus Touch Music understands the importance of making sure each and every detail is taken care of. We spend hours and hours prior to your wedding compiling music, testing equipment, contacting vendors, going over the timeline, rehearsing announcements, etc. so that there are no surprises. Because we have spent so much time organizing your wedding before hand, there will be no need to bother you on your wedding day with questions or issues. Just can kick back and enjoy every minute of it, because it goes by so fast! Please read our DJ reviews on www.theknot.com and http://www.weddingwire.com

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DJ Titus
DJ Mark
DJ Ollie
DJ Theo
DJ Brenden
DJ Ryan
DJ Loren
DJ Pat
Julian (Photobooth)
Precious (Photobooth)
Winston (Photobooth)
Rob (Photobooth)