What is Custom Uplighting?

Lighting is the most cost effective way to transform and enhance your reception space.  Flowers, cakes, venues and people all look better in the right light.  Vision is the one of most important senses to entertain during an event, lighting is the magical element that helps you define exactly what they see.

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Our Lighting Technology


We use wireless uplighting that project washes of light adding color, warmth and depth to your decor.  Uplighting looks fantastic in photos and is a great base layer for transforming the event space.  Generally you need a light for every 10ft – 20ft of wall length depending on the overall look that you want to achieve.  Uplighting can come in any color of the rainbow for your event.   Ambers, blues, purples, teals, reds, yellows all look really nice for uplighting.  You can do a solid color throughout the room, multiple colors or have the lights change for different points during the evening.

Monogram Lighting

Is form of gobo lighting.  Choose from various templates and designs to display your name, wedding date or company logo at your venue.  We can project the monogram anywhere you would like in the room. Popular locations include the dance floor, prominent walls in the space, behind the head table, or at the entrance into the room or on the outside of the venue.

Pin-Spot Lighting

Very narrow beams of light are focused on specific elements in the room highlighting them. Centerpieces, the cake table, place cards, guestbook area, sweet heart tables, bar areas can all benefit from this type of lighting.

This type of lighting is key to create a high end, elegant, high contrast look. The extra light at each of the tables allows the overall ambient light in the room to be lowered allowing us to create the perfect ambiance.

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