Weddings can be stressful affairs and every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding. One of the tricky aspects of planning your perfect wedding is the entertainment, as nobody wants bored guests!

Band or DJ

Live bands can really add to the atmosphere of the event and there are hundreds of different bands to choose from, from big band to contemporary bands. However, there are downsides to a band, for starters, bands have a lot of equipment and all this equipment will need power. In addition, it is exhausting playing in a band so each member will need breaks to avoid fatigue.

DJs, on the other hand, are often less expensive and the majority of DJs will go out of their way to create a playlist that is personal to you. A good DJ will want to get to know you, your personalities, and your personal tastes. DJs are also more likely to be flexible with the playlist and be able to take requests.

Things to look out for when picking DJ

Your DJ should have a broad range of musical knowledge. A DJ should have knowledge of not just music they like but also music they may not like as everyone has different tastes. They should be able to have knowledge of all different types of musical genres, bands, and songs.

DJs also have to have a likable personality, they need to have the ability to relate to the bride and groom, make them feel confident in his ability to entertain their guests. The DJ will need to let the couple feel in control whilst also guiding them helping them pick a playlist that will work. Finally, the DJ needs to be able to draw in crowds and get the wedding guests dancing and having a good time.

A good DJ will need to be organized and have good quality equipment with backups in case of any technical difficulties. Most importantly, a DJ will need to be adaptable to change.

Things to consider before you pick a DJ

Before you pick a DJ, you should think about –

  • The age range of your guests – your 6-year-old niece, your 18-year-old cousin, and your 50-year-old aunt will all have very different musical tastes
  • It’s just important for you to get to know your DJ as it is for them to get to know you
  • Book your DJ at least 3 months in advance
  • Ensure that your DJ and photographer have the opportunity to meet up if you intend on having wedding shots on the dance floor

Questions to ask your DJ

When you meet a DJ, you will need to find out –

  • The DJs work experience – is this a full-time business or a hobby? What kind of events do they play at? Do they stick to weddings/ parties or do they also DJ at clubs/ bars?
  • How do they customize their playlists? What is the process of creating the playlist? How flexible is the playlist? Can they accommodate requests?
  • What is their technique to get crowds on the dance floor?
  • Can they show you examples of blending and transitions between songs?
  • What equipment do they use and what backups do they have available?
  • Are they familiar with the venue? Are they available to visit?
  • Is there more than one DJ available? Do we get to choose a particular DJ? What happens in case of an emergency and our DJ is not available?
  • Do you offer any other services such as special effects and lighting?
  • Why should I choose you and not someone else?

Things to tell your DJ

There is also some essential information you should ensure your DJ knows, such as –

  • When to play important songs such introductions or the special dances (first, mother/ son, father/ daughter)
  • How to pronounce your names
  • Why you have chosen the songs you have – for example, most couples choose their first dance song for a reason and not just because you both like it, the reason behind the song choice add extra context for the DJ
  • A list of songs you do not want to be played – if there is a particular song you hate or that brings back bad memories/ feelings it is important that your DJ knows to avoid these
  • Do you want your DJ to MC or would you prefer he just plays the songs?
  • Make sure your DJ is aware of your tolerance for not just volume but also language used
  • It is also important to make your DJ aware of any strained relationships so that they can use the utmost sensitivity when interacting with your guests or making announcements